CA World ’17 Call for Speakers is now closed. 

CA World’17 Call for Speakers is now closed. If you’ve submitted a topic, you will be notified by July 25, 2017 if you’ve been accepted.

We hope you can still join us at CA World’17 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, November 13 – 17, 2017.

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Content Areas

Agile Management

Business Agility means sensing, creating, and adapting to change by quickly and confidently responding to evolving business needs. Agile Management solutions (CA Agile Central, CA Project & Portfolio Management and CA Service Management) fuel business agility by helping organizations adapt how they deliver superior customer experiences through better planning, development and execution.  We are looking for real-world examples of how you have used agile management products and services to enhance and improve your business. 

Topics we are looking for:

  • How has CA Agile Central and services helped transform your business by incorporating agile initiatives and agile methodology? How has the solution provided you more visibility into key endeavors so you can prioritize to quickly respond to your changing business? Has CA Agile Central helped you drive your product development faster to beat your competition to market?  How are you using key features like personal navigation, quick detail and Team Kanban to drive your business?
  • How does CA Project & Portfolio Management help modernize your Project Management Office (PMO)? How are you using resource, financial and portfolio management to mature your business? Are you integrating agile development solutions for concept-to-cash insight? 
  • How has CA Service Management or CA IT Asset Management helped your organization achieve a higher level of IT maturity leading to faster service delivery, decreased costs and happier customers?

The following solutions are included in Agile Management: CA Agile Central, CA Project & Portfolio Management, CA Service Management.

DevOps – Continuous Delivery

To compete in today’s application economy, you need a development lifecycle that delivers quality software faster than ever before—and at a lower cost. With an integrated, zero-touch workflow, CA solutions provide the analytics and feedback loops required to streamline application delivery—from mobile to mainframe.  Continuous Delivery solutions from CA enable you to continuously develop, test and improve to achieve a true competitive advantage.

Topics we are looking for:

  • How has one (or more) of our Continuous Delivery solutions helped your organizations solve application development, testing or other challenges such as improving time to delivering applications to market, creating better quality applications, managing test data for improved compliance or data security?
  • Have you been able to collect measurable ROI or benefit information for your Continuous Delivery solution?
  • Have you creatively used Continuously Delivery solutions from CA to solve any of your development or test issues in order to get innovation to market faster?

The following solutions are included in DevOps – Continuous Delivery: CA Agile Requirements Designer, CA Application Test, CA BlazeMeter®; CA Continuous Delivery Director, CA Service Virtualization, CA Test Data Manager.


The mainframe is mission-essential in your quest for digital transformation. 

Join us on this exciting journey and share with other leading organizations how you are harnessing your mainframe platform to become more intelligent, automated and agile.

CA World ’17 provides the perfect opportunity to share your expertise, learn, and network with hundreds of your peers on mainframe’s advancing state-of-the-art.

Topics we are looking for:

  • How has your team embraced operational intelligence and automation to drive efficiencies? 
  • How has your team encouraged enterprise-wide approaches to developing on the mainframe, e.g. DevSecOps and modern development tools and techniques. 
  • Have you experimented with new service delivery models, new workloads, or driven continuous improvement? 

The following solutions are included in Mainframe: mainframe application development, quality & testing, deployment, monitoring, enterprise reporting, databases and management solutions for software change, operations, performance, storage, data, and security.


Digital transformation requires continuous availability and tight integration across multiple systems and data sources. Empower your Digital Transformation with Automation.

In today’s digital age, IT operations and development teams are faced with the challenge of navigating the increasing complexities within the data center and across the hybrid cloud. Automation is already playing an integral role in many organizations’ digital transformation as they strive to become more agile and responsive to business demands.

Topics we are looking for:

  • How does automation bring value to your business today, and how you are making it part of your digital transformation strategy?
  • How does orchestration allow your organization to take advantage of the cloud and offer full stack self-service provisioning to your internal and/or external clients?
  • How does automation help your Dev and ITOps engage and realize the benefits of embracing DevOps on your Continuous Delivery journey?

The following products and solutions are included in Automation: CA Workload Automation AE, CA Workload Automation DE, CA Workload Automation ESP Edition, CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition, CA Workload Automation iDash, CA Workload Automation Agents and Advanced Integrations, CA Release Automation and CA Service Orchestration, Automic Workload Automation (AWA), Automic Release Automation (ARA), Automic Service Orchestration (ASO), ONE Automation Platform, ERP Automation for SAP (AWA with SAP and non-SAP), ERP Automation for Oracle (AWA with Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE, Hyperion, Retail, CC&B), Data Automation (AWA with Data Warehousing, Big Data, Managed File Transfer), Automated System Copy for SAP, Continuous Delivery for Siebel, Release Automation for Mainframe.

DevOps - APIs and Microservices

APIs and microservices are the new building blocks of digital transformation. Agile organizations built to change must be able to rapidly experiment, iterate and innovate across every aspect of their business. To be successful, they need to design and build microservices instantly; plan, publish, secure and monitor their APIs effectively, and leverage this ecosystem to accelerate the development of modern apps for mobile, cloud and IoT.

Topics we are looking for:

  • Have you recently transformed your business by modernizing application architecture or building apps for mobile, cloud, and IoT using APIs or microservices?
  • How has CA helped you to design, develop, orchestrate or secure microservices?
  • How has CA helped you to design, develop, secure, manage or monitor APIs across the full lifecycle of your APIs?

The following CA products and solutions are included in DevOps - API Management and App Development: CA API Gateway, CA Mobile API Gateway, CA API Portal, CA Mobile App Services, CA Live API Creator and CA API Management – SaaS'.

DevOps – Agile Operations

To deliver a flawless customer experience, IT Operations must now ensure cloud-based systems, microservices and virtualized networks provide optimal performance while simultaneously dealing with the volume, velocity and variety of monitoring data available from these new architectures as well as traditional ones.

Topics we are looking for:

  • How has a CA solution or solutions helped you transition workloads to cloud-based systems with confidence while providing the performance and reliability your organization expects you to deliver?
  • How has a CA solution or solutions helped you incorporate microservices, such as Docker, Red Hat OpenShift and AWS Zombie, into your applications workloads to facilitate early, continuous and reliable application delivery and performance?
  • How has a CA solution or solutions helped you confidently deploy and monitor virtual networks architectures such as software-defined networking, network function virtualization, software-defined data center or software-defined wide-area-networking?

The following solutions are included in DevOps – Agile Operations; Application Performance Management, Infrastructure Management, Network Performance Management, and Service Operations Management.


It’s no secret that to compete in today’s world you need to create an inviting, frictionless and open digital experience for your customers, employees and partners. But the more open you are, the more vulnerable you become to debilitating data breaches. At CA World ’17, we are looking for sessions that show how to take a proactive approach to security and create value, not vulnerability.

Topics we are looking for:

  • How has security changed the way you do business? Describe the CA Security solutions that supported your business case and enabled your digital transformation initiatives.
  • What tactics and solutions are you using to prevent security breaches while complying with government and industry regulations? How did CA partner with you to achieve your goals?
  • Do you have case studies on how you used CA Security solutions to increase value for your customers, improve ROI or increase customer loyalty or employee productivity? And how have you implemented and managed these solutions?

The following CA products and solutions are included in Security: CA Advanced Authentication, CA Identity Service, CA Identity Suite, CA Payment Security Suite, CA Privileged Access Manager, CA Directory, and CA Single Sign-On.

CA Partners

Every year, our Partners contribute great content around customer success, business transformation and innovation. Speaking at CA World is a fantastic experience and if you have ever attended, you know that the quality of session speakers is extremely high.

  • Sponsor CA World: Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medal Sponsor packages include delivering your own speaking session at CA World – secure your spot today and lock in your session.
  • Nominate your Customer: Partners can submit customer success stories around CA’s latest products and solutions on behalf of your customer. Your customer must co-present to be considered. The customer speaker's name, company and contact information must be included in the submission.
  • We welcome best practices content proposals from our Partners who are also CA customers using our solutions. These sessions must feature the line-of-business expert, subject matter expert or project lead.

Speaker Benefits

  • One complimentary pass to attend CA World ’17
  • Opportunity to showcase their company brand
  • Share a great story which drove business success (which they were a part of)
  • Stand out from the crowd, impress peers and build their own personal brand
  • Network and connect with other speakers in our dedicated speaker’s lounge built just for them
  • Be at the center of social media

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